...absolutely the best gay mystery series to come along in at least a decade!

- Bob Lind, Echo Magazine


Mark Abramson’s BEACH READING series:

#1 Beach Reading

#2 Cold Serial Murder

#3 Russian River Rat

#4 Snowman

 #5 Wedding Season

 #6 California Dreamers

On sale now:

#7 Love Rules

Coming in 2014:

#8 Seersucker


actual back cover of new book

 Beach Reading excerpt:

San Francisco dazzles most people who visit, but only some get trapped here. You might wonder if they’d turned their heads a moment sooner, like breaking their concentration away from the hypnotist’s swaying bauble just in time, they might be able to go back where they came from. Tim Snow could never leave, but he enjoyed being caught here. He almost felt normal in San Francisco. He had longed to be normal ever since he was a boy and started seeing things the way his grandmother did. Tim hoped from those early inklings that clairvoyance, like his first excitement around other boys at the swimming pool, was something that would just go away if he ignored it hard enough. His grandmother had called it a gift, but it wasn’t a present he’d asked for. Sometimes he tried to treat his unwanted psychic ability the way a handicapped person must learn to just get on with his life. So this is mostly Tim’s story...

<July 2015>